Our restaurant is stylish, relaxed and
easy-going, and suitable for families
and business people alike. Join us for
a relaxing sit down meal or grab a
And if you looking for variety why not
try our sister restaurants' famous
pizzas & pastas or burgers - you are
welcome to bring the food onto our
premises. Ample seating and parking

Exciting opportunities are available to be
part of the Caminettos Group. If you have
a passion for good food, send us an
enquiry here.


Portonettos offers you a Moçambican
eating experience, full of aromatic
herbs, spices and peri peri. Our meals
are cooked using a unique air-grilled
method, helping to retain the flavourful
juices as well as providing a healthy

Portonettos prides itself on its
succulent Moçambican peri peri and
lemon & herb chicken. We also serve
delicious fish and steak meals, and have
numerous side dish options - garlic-butter
Portuguese rolls being a firm favourite!

So come on in and get a taste for Africa!



Also try our sister restaurants,
Caminettos Pasta and Pizzeria and
Purple Burgers.

purple burgers